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Potamitissa, a beautiful village with steep green slopes, little orchards and vineyards, is built approximately 37 kilometres away from Lemesos.

It is one of the villages of the geographical region of Pitsilia which manage to charm every visitor with their simplicity, rich natural beauties and fresh air. So, let’s get to know Potamitissa better...

Historical Background
Nearchos Clerides, as the Great Cyprus Encyclopaedia preserves, mentions that the village was formed after the destruction of a big village named Rogkia. In particular, when the village of Rogkia was attacked by the Caramans, its residents sought shelter in the neighbouring area, at the bank of River Ambelikos, meaning the location of our village. 

The naming of the village is linked to the legend about the construction of a church at the banks of River Ambelikos. In particular, according to tradition, Panagia (Virgin Mary) determined the place where She wished for the church to be constructed and that was next to the aforementioned river (River means ‘Potamos’ in Greek). Therefore, the church was dedicated to Panagia Potamitissa and that is where our village got its name from.   

Year Population Year Population
1881 118 1946 262
1891 149 1960 339
1901 146 1973 293
1911 162 1976 281
1921 153 1982 199
1931 161 2001 70

From 1881 until today, as this is presented in the table, the population numbers showed fluctuations. From 1960 onwards, the population presents a gradual decline which is mainly due to urbanisation.    

The church of the village is dedicated to Panagia Potamitissa. The present church of Panagia has replaced the old one from which icons of the 17th and 19th centuries are preserved.

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